Here we would like to give you a short introduction on our company developmente and philosophie.

Our company was foundet in 1984. In 1987 we included the field of circuit board mounting into our company, which has grown fastly and became the dominant shere of aktivity to us.
Because of the amount of costomers asking for it, we included the
cabel assembly in the year 1990 as a second shere of aktivity. Very soon it had developed into our main field of aktivity.

The field of circuit board mounting has been turned down in our company due to the introduction of the RoHS, we now work with competent companies who's quality-standards were more than convincing. Layouting of boards is something we still offer in adapter circuit boards for "active" cabel.

Today we are still a family business with the focus on assemble of specific cable. We produce mainly small and medium ranges, where we are specialized on cabel which can not be industrially produced. Our eyes lie on the quality of our products, which is where we took the companys philosophie from

"quality instead of quantity".