We offer mechanic works to our costomers.
The work on cases and cabel ready-mades is one of our standards.
We offer working on elektronic elements (shortening of pin's to a defined
length or adjusting to given surrounding).

On demand we construct, produce and built in a costomized protection shield


case works


The here shown case belongs to a 68-pole SCSI-plug. On the left side is the
original. The case in the middle was build to put two cabels in. The case on
the right can take five seperate cabels.

component machining 1

Bearbeitung von Micro-DSUB-Stecker Ansicht:hinten Bearbeitung von Micro-DSUB-Stecker Ansicht:oben

This Dual-Micro-DSUB-plug (the original is on the left and the worked on
plug is on the rightside) had to be reduced in hight due to building
advices. At the same time there was a protection sheeld build in to protect the connectionpin.

component machining 2

168-pol. Dimmsockel

On the element in this picture (left: 168-pole DIMM-base, right: USB-female
connector, RJ45-female connector, Mini-DIN-female connector) the
connectin-legs had to be shortened to the mesure of+/- 1/10mm . Aditionally
has the length of the DIMM-base been adjusted to the surrounding.

protecting metal sheet

Dual-Slot Abschirmung montiertes Abschirmblech

On spezial demand, of one of our costomers we designed a special protection
metal sheet for singel- and dual-port-PCMCIA-Slots. The singel-Slot (under
the text) had to get a 360°-shield with connection to the frontblind. On the dualport-Slot (above) an upper shield was enough.

Singel-Slot Abschirmung Abschirmung montiert