board mounting

The area of printed circuit board mounting and Layouting was just a smal
part of our supply. Since the implication of  RoHS-directions we have stopped it in our house.
We work with famose companies with convincing qualitystandarts.

Development and Layouting is something we still offer as adapterplates and connections for "active cabel" .


  • circuit acc. to your given handycap
  • layouting with max. 16 Layers
  • "overplugging technic" and SMT
    (even mixed)
  • one-sided or doubblesided filled
  • soldstop-masks standard- or
    your given handycap
  • fillingpressure
  • soldcreme tables
Schaltplan Layout


Even if we don´t fill ourselfs, we do deliver prototypes or even large
Naturally we check  your component groups accordig to your given handycap